County Clare, Galway, and the Aran Islands Feature


Top Reasons to Go to County Clare, Galway, and the Aran Islands

Ancient Aran: Spend at least one night on one of the Oileáin Árainn (Aran Islands), three outposts of Gaelic civilization, which still have a strong whiff of the "old ways"—and not just the whiff of turf smoke.

Foot-Tapping in Doolin and Ennis: Tap your foot in time to "trad" Irish music—those heavenly strains of traditional Irish folk music—and sip your pint as you while away an afternoon and maybe an evening as well, in one of Doolin's or Ennis's noted music bars.

High-Style Galway: A university town and booming, buzzing hive of activity, with great theaters, bars, nightlife, shopping, and restaurants, Galway is the city that loves to celebrate and, as one of Europe's fastest-growing townships, has much to offer.

The Mighty Cliffs of Moher: Rising straight out of the sea to a height of 700 feet, these cliffs—standing in silence as they look out over the wild Atlantic—give you a new understanding of the word "awesome."

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