The geothermal field in Haukadalur, home of the Geysir and Strokkur geysers, is one of Iceland's classic tourist spots.

The famous Geysir hot spring (the literal origin of the term, geyser) only erupts a few times a year, but the more reliable Strokkur spouts up boiling water as high as 100 feet at five-minute intervals. In the same area there are small natural vents from which steam rises, as well as beautiful, exotic-colored pools. Don't crowd Strokkur, and always be careful when approaching hot springs or mud pots—the ground may be treacherous, suddenly giving way beneath you. Stay on formal paths or established tracks.

To get here from Laugarvatn, take Route 37 (from Lake Laugarvatn you can take the short spur, Route 364, southwest to Route 37) northeast for 25 km (16 miles) to the junction with Route 35. Take Route 35 about 10 km (6 miles) northeast to Hótel Geysir, which is next to the springs.

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