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    Paulaner Brauhaus Review

    I visited Paulaner twice, once with friends and once by myself (female). I am originally from Hungary so I speak the language and know the social rules. The ambiance was amenable, the music adequate (that day it was covers of Americana, Rolling Stones, etc), not too loud. Beers were excellent, and food was good. The place is big so if you are a non-smoker you can still breathe (in Hungary smoking is still allowed at bars and cafes- some places have a non-smoking section but that may not help a lot). The second time I went by myself, and was basically ignored by my waiter, had to ask several times for my order and the check, left no tip of course. While I hope that was the exception and not the rule, I will not go back to that Paulaner- there are plenty of other pubs in Budapest to choose from...

    by abarral, 1/18/10

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