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Csirke paprikás (chicken paprikash). This famous dish is made from cubed chicken breast or chicken legs covered in creamy paprika sauce.

Desszertek (desserts). Hungarian desserts can be cakes, pancakes, or fresh fruit in season.

Galuska (semolina dumplings). These thimble-sized dumplings are served with popular stews such as borjúpaprikás (veal paprikash).

Gesztenyepüré (chestnut puree). Chestnuts are ground with sugar, cream, and nutmeg to create this mound of light brown puree. It's usually served as a dessert in the winter.

Gulyásleves (goulash soup). While goulash is known outside of Hungary as a stew, it's mostly served in Hungary as a soup made of paprika-flavored beef broth, cubed beef, parsnips, and carrots.

Gundel palacsinta (Gundel pancakes). Made famous by Gundel restaurant, these light dessert crepes are stuffed with walnuts and served with chocolate sauce.

Halászlé (spicy fish soup). This soup is made from carp fillets and seasoned with spicy paprika.

Hortobágyi palacsinta (Hortobagy pancakes). These meat-stuffed pancakes get their name from a village in the Great Plain. The light pancakes are stuffed, rolled, and covered with a creamy paprika sauce. They are heavy and are usually served as an appetizer.

Lángos (fried dough). This popular but greasy street food is available at most Hungarian markets. It comes plain or with cheese, cabbage, or dill, and you can smear it with sour cream and garlic.

Lecsó (a vegetable compote made of peppers, onions, tomato, and paprika). Lecsó is a multi-purpose Hungarian vegetable dish, which can be served as a sauce on top of steaks, as an accompaniment to seared goose liver, or even mixed in with eggs for breakfast.

Libamaj (goose liver). One of the celebrated culinary treats in Hungary, goose liver is made into rich pâtés or seared whole and served with a light fruit sauce.

Pálinka (fruit spirits). This homegrown brandy is a popular drink to start off a Hungarian meal. Barack (apricot) and szliva (plum) are the two most widely available flavors.

Pogácsa (scones). These irresistible baked biscuits can be plain or savory and are available in most bake shops. Different flavors include sajtos (cheese) or tepertős (spicy crackling).

Rétes (strudel). Light pastry is filled with cheese, apples, raisins, or sour cherries and is a popular cake with coffee.

Sült libacomb (crispy-fried goose leg). A popular main course in many Hungarian restaurants, succulent goose legs are usually served with steamed red cabbage.

Téliszalámi (Hungarian salami). This delicious long-life salami from Szeged is made of 100% pork and has a very strong, smoky flavor. There are two big manufacturers, Pick and Herz.

Töltött káposzta (stuffed cabbage). Boiled cabbage is stuffed with meat and rice; this is a popular winter main course.

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