Follow the lead of the locals and visiting Athenians, and, for an excursion, take a bus (a 25-minute ride from Ethneyersias Square) to the pretty port village of Perdika to unwind and eat lunch at a seaside taverna. Places to eat in Perdika have multiplied over the years but are still low-key and have a strong island flavor, transporting you light-years away from the bustle of much of modern Greece. Try O Nontas, the first fish taverna after the bus station, for a meal on the canopied terrace overlooking the little bay, the sailing boats, and the islet of Moni. Antonis, the famous fish tavern, draws big-name Athenians year-round. Across the bay, and only a short walk away, stands the sole modern building of a camera obscura. Inside, the cylindrical chamber allows the light to enter and projects an inverted image of the landscape outsideā€”a technique that is now thought to have been used by many celebrated artists, including Leonardo and Vermeer. It is definitely worth a visit.


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