Peloponnese: Places to Explore


  • Ancient Corinth

    West of the isthmus, the countryside opens up into a low-lying coastal plain around the head of the gulf of Corinth. Modern Corinth, near the coast about 8 km (5 mi) north of the turnoff for the ancient... Read more

  • Ancient Messene

  • Ancient Nemea

  • Areopolis

    In Areopolis, the typical Maniote tower houses began to appear in earnest as spooky sentinels in the harsh landscape. The town was renamed after Ares, the god of war, because of its role in the War of Independence:... Read more

  • Argos

    The city of Argos (population 21,000), set amid citrus groves on the western edge of the Argive plain, is the economic hub of the region, a workaday town with a long past. The fall of Mycenae and Tiryns... Read more

  • Dimitsana

    Leave your car at the entrance of this stone village stunningly set amid the Arcadian mountains and stroll the maze of narrow cobbled lanes. If you want to add some ancient history to your enjoyment of... Read more

  • Epidauros

  • Gerolimenas

    Located at the end of a long natural harbor, around which cluster a few tavernas and shops, Gerolimenas was an important port in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Sleepy as Gerolimenas now is, it's... Read more

  • Gythion

    At the foot of the Taygettus range on the northeastern edge of the Mani, Gythion seems terribly cosmopolitan, compared to the stark countryside that surrounds it. Graceful pastel 19th-century houses march... Read more

  • Isthmus

    More of a pit stop than a town, the isthmus is where the Peloponnese begins. Were it not for this narrow neck of land less than 7 km (4½ mi) across, the waters of the gulf of Corinth and the Saronic gulf... Read more

  • Kalamata

    Though not Greece's most attractive city, Kalamata does have the animated air of a busy market town as well as a long beachfront promenade and a string of lively squares at its heart. The city is built... Read more

  • Kardamyli

    The gateway to the Mani on the Messinian side is Kardamyli, found 31 km (19 mi) southeast of the market town of Kalamata. It is considered part of the outer Mani, an area less bleak and stark than the... Read more

  • Methoni

    Methoni, a small fishing and farming village and quiet resort on a cape south of Pylos, has been delightful for some time: it was one of the seven towns Agamemnon offered Achilles to appease him after... Read more

  • Monemvassia

    The Byzantine town of Monemvassia clings to the side of the 1,148-foot rock that was once a headland, but in AD 375 was separated from the mainland by an earthquake. The town was first settled in the 6th... Read more

  • Mycenae

  • Mystras

  • Nafplion

    Oraia (beautiful) is the word Greeks use to describe Nafplion. The town's old section, on a peninsula jutting into the gulf of Argos, mixes Greek, Venetian, and Turkish architecture; narrow streets, often... Read more

  • Olympia

    Ancient Olympia, with the Sanctuary of Zeus, was the site of the ancient Olympic Games. Located at the foot of the pine-covered Kronion hill, and set in a valley near two rivers, today it is one of the... Read more

  • Patras

    Patras is the third-largest city in Greece and a major harbor. Unless you come to town to catch a ferry to Italy or Corfu, you might want to zoom right by. The municipality has launched an extensive improvement... Read more

  • Pirgos Dirou Caves

  • Pylos

    With the blue waters in its port and the bougainvillea-swathed, pristine white houses fanning up Mt. St. Nicholas, Pylos may remind you of an island town. It was built according to a plan drawn by French... Read more

  • Sparta

    For those who have read about ancient Sparta, the bellicose city-state that once dominated the Greek world, the modern city on the broad Eurotas river might be a disappointment, since ruins are few and... Read more

  • Stemnitsa

    Also called Ipsous, Stemnitsa is one of the most beautiful towns in southern Greece, wondrously perched 3,444 feet above sea level amid a forest of fir and chestnut trees. For centuries the stone village... Read more

  • Temple of Apollo at Bassae

  • Tiryns

  • Tripoli

    History, along with the practicalities of the road network in this part of Greece, makes it very likely that you'll at least pass through the outskirts of Tripoli when you're in the area. In the days of... Read more

  • Vouraikos Gorge


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