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Name Category Location
Agios Nikolaos ton Filanthropinon
Agios Nikolaos ton Filanthropinon has the best...
Museums / Galleries Ioannina
Ali Pasha Museum
The main attraction on Nissi is the 16th-century...
Museums / Galleries Ioannina
Archaeological Museum
Located in the center of town, this...
Museums / Galleries Ioannina
Byzantine Museum
Within the larger citadel is the fortress, called...
Museums / Galleries Ioannina
One of Ioannina's main attractions is the Kastro,...
Castles / Palaces Ioannina
Kostas Frontzos Museum of Epirote Folk Art
In a finely restored Ottoman house, this small...
Museums / Galleries Ioannina
Lake Pamvotis
Lake Pamvotis remains picturesque despite the...
Bodies of Water Ioannina
Mavili Square
This waterfront square is lined with large, noisy...
Squares Ioannina
Municipal Museum
The collections in the well-preserved Aslan...
Religious Sites Ioannina
Nissi Island
Look back at the outline of the citadel and its...
Islands Ioannina
Old Bazaar
Vestiges of 19th-century Ioannina remain in the...
Markets / Bazaars Ioannina
Pavlos Vrellis Museum of Greek History
Want to see a tableau of Ali Pasha's legendary...
Museums / Galleries Ioannina
Perama Cave
The cave's passageways, discovered in the early...
Cave Ioannina

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