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An Internet bar and café, Arena is open from around 10 am until...
Cafes Kalambaka
Club Preview
Club Preview, by the Kastro, is a popular club open late—but...
Bars Ioannina
Located by the citadel near Giosif Eligia and Aetorrahis, Iperokeanios...
Cafes Ioannina
Kalhari Street
Hip bars and cafés have opened all along Kalhari which stretches...
Bars Ioannina
The waterfront music taverna Kyknos, very popular with students...
Cafes Ioannina
Stoa Laibei
Since 2010, this old Ottoman-era arcade has been transformed...
Bars Ioannina
The Web is the place to check your e-mail as you socialize with...
Cafes Ioannina
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