Epirus and Thessaly: Places to Explore


  • Dodona

  • Ioannina

    On the rocky promontory of Lake Pamvotis lies Ioannina, its fortress punctuated by mosques and minarets whose reflections, along with those of the snowy peaks of the Pindos range, appear in the calm water... Read more

  • Kalambaka

    Kalambaka may be dismissed as one more drab modern town, useful only as a base to explore the fabled Meteora complex north of town. Yet an overnight stay here, complete with a taverna dinner and a stroll... Read more

  • The Meteora

    As you drive through the mighty Pindos range, strange rock formations rise ever higher from the plain. Just beyond the dramatic sheer cliff that shelters the town of Kalambaka, the legendary monasteries... Read more

  • Metsovo

    The traditional village of Metsovo cascades down a mountain at about 3,300 feet above sea level, below the 6,069-foot Katara pass, which is the highest in Greece and marks the border between Epirus and... Read more

  • Zagorohoria Region

    One of the most beguiling and untamed sections of Greece is the region of Zagorohoria (pronounced zah-go-ro-hor-ee-ah), also known as Zagori or Zagoria, which comprises 46 villages to the north and northwest... Read more