Epirus and Thessaly Feature


Top Reasons to Go

Rock Stars: Even more wondrous than the Meteora's soaring rock pinnacles are the medieval monasteries perched atop them—walk, climb, or drive to these still-inhabited spots where eagles once nested.

Zagorohoria Region: Dotting the dramatic Vikos gorge are 46 traditional villages filled with picturesque Ottoman houses—some of the best hiking countryside in all Greece.

Connect with the gods: Visiting the ancient site of Dodona in Epirus is a must: many mystical ceremonies took place in this ancient sanctuary of Zeus.

Experience Metsovo's Traditions: This mountain village has held on hard to its traditional character—discover its stone houses, customary foods, and winding alleyways (each with its own story).

Haunts of Ali Pasha: Even Lord Byron was drawn to Ioannina to trace the haunted spirit of the legendary pasha who once made Epirus his own personal potentate.

Updated: 01-2014

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