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Corfu has bed-and-breakfast hotels in renovated Venetian town houses, sleek resorts with children's programs and spas, and, outside Corfu town, simple rooms and studio apartments that can be rented out on the spot. The explosion of tourism in recent years has led to prepaid, low-price package tours, and the largest hotels often cater to groups. The availability of charter flights from the United

Kingdom and other European cities means there's a steady flow of tourists from spring through fall. These masses can get rowdy and overwhelm otherwise pleasant surroundings, mainly in towns along the island's southeast and northwest coast. Budget accommodation is scarce, though rooms can sometimes be found in towns and villages. Many British companies offer villas and apartments for rent—some luxurious, others more basic—by the week or month. Corfu is popular from Easter (when the island is crammed with Greek tourists) through September, and reservations are strongly recommended during that period. Many hotels and restaurants are closed from the end of October to Easter.

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