After Sounion, the road twists and turns along the coast, winding past holiday homes, before hitting a rather dreary stretch by Lavrion's boatyard, where there always seems to be marina construction work underway. There is increasing activity in the post of Lavrion during the summer, as many boats for nearby Cycladic islands (Kythnos, Kea [Tzia], etc.) depart from here, and an increasing number of cruise ships also stop here for easy access to the Temple of Poseidon at Sounion. Lavrion, an industrial town with a few remnants of belle epoque architecture, was celebrated in antiquity for its silver mines. Several thousand ancient shafts have been discovered in the area—devoid of the riches they once yielded. Themistocles could not have built the fleet that saved Greece from the Persians, nor Pericles the monuments on the Acropolis, without the area's riches. Easy access to the airport at Spata via the Markopoulou highway has begun to attract investment, including a joint public-private venture to create a technological and cultural park on the grounds of the now-defunct mining company (worth a visit if only for its architectural value).


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