The Romantic Road: Places to Explore


  • Augsburg

    Augsburg is Bavaria's third-largest city, after Munich and Nürnberg. It dates to 15 BC, when a son of Augustus set up a military camp here on the banks of the Lech River. The settlement that grew up around... Read more

  • Bad Mergentheim

    Between 1525 and 1809, Bad Mergentheim was the home of the Teutonic Knights, one of the most successful medieval orders of chivalry. In 1809, Napoléon expelled them as he marched toward his ill-fated Russian... Read more

  • Creglingen

    Touring the Romantic Road brings you through bustling tourist towns, but smaller, quieter villages along the way are what will probably be most worth the visit. Creglingen is a peaceful vision of Fachwerkhäuser... Read more

  • Dinkelsbühl

    Within the walls of Dinkelsbühl, a beautifully preserved medieval town, the rush of traffic seems a lifetime away. Although there is less to see here than in Rothenburg, the town is a pleasant break from... Read more

  • Füssen

    The red roofs and turrets of this small town fit in well with the famous castles nearby. The town is easily toured on foot; its tidy, meandering streets and small squares are filled with cafés, restaurants... Read more

  • Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein

    These two famous castles belonging to the Wittelbachs are 1 km (½ mile) across a valley from each other, near the town of Schwangau. Bavaria's King Ludwig II (1845–86) spent much of his youth at Schloss... Read more

  • Nördlingen

    In Nördlingen a medieval watchman's cry still rings out every night across the ancient walls and turrets. As in Rothenburg, its sister city, the medieval walls are completely intact, but the riot of architecture... Read more

  • Rothenburg-ob-der-Tauber

    Rothenburg-ob-der-Tauber (literally, the "red castle on the Tauber") is the kind of medieval town that even Walt Disney might have thought too picturesque to be true, with half-timber architecture galore... Read more

  • Ulm

    Ulm isn't considered part of the Romantic Road, but it's definitely worth visiting, if only for one reason: its mighty Münster, which has the world's tallest church tower (536 feet). Ulm grew as a medieval... Read more

  • Würzburg

    The baroque city of Würzburg, the pearl of the Romantic Road, shows what happens when great genius teams up with great wealth. Beginning in the 10th century, Würzburg was ruled by powerful (and rich) prince-bishops... Read more