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Dresden's Experience Dining

One of the most touristy but fun experiences to be had in Dresden is a meal at Erlebnis Restaurants (Experience Dining). They run two period restaurants that have meals, decor, and costumes of a particular historical era. Yes, it's tacky, perhaps corny, but it's also extremely entertaining, and even Dresdeners get a big kick out of it. Both restaurants have the same basic menu of standard German food, with specialties relevant to their particular themes. The food is good and the prices decent. Be sure to try the Dresdner Trichter (Dresden Funnel), an interesting story of the excesses of Augustus the Strong followed by a sample of a homemade herbal liqueur. Reservations, though not essential, are recommended.

Pulverturm. Dine with remnants of the Saxon army as they defend Dresden against enemy invaders. Each room is decorated in the style and with the weapons of Dresden's attackers, be they Turkish, Swedish, or Russian. The ambience at this eatery is militarily spartan, with medieval weaponry, the odd cannon, and lots of roast meat. Try the Spanferkel (suckling pig); groups of 10 can enjoy the "Executioner's Last Meal." An der Frauenkirche 12, Dresden, D-01067. 0351/262–600. www.pulverturm-dresden.de.

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