Franconia and the German Danube: Places to Explore


  • Bamberg

    Few towns in Germany survived the war with as little damage as Bamberg, which is on the Regnitz River. This former residence of one of Germany's most powerful imperial dynasties is on UNESCO's...

  • Bayreuth

    The small town of Bayreuth, pronounced "bye-roit," owes its fame to the music giant Richard Wagner (1813–83). The 19th-century composer, musical revolutionary, ultranationalist, and Nazi poster-child...

  • Coburg

    Coburg is a surprisingly little-known treasure that was founded in the 11th century and remained in the possession of the dukes of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha until 1918; the current duke still lives here....

  • Kronach

    Kronach is a charming little gateway to the natural splendor of the Frankenwald region.

  • Kulmbach

    A quarter of Kulmbachers earn their living directly or indirectly from beer. Kulmbach celebrates its brewing traditions every year in a nine-day festival that starts on the last Saturday in July....

  • Nürnberg (Nuremberg)

    With a recorded history stretching back to 1050, the main city in Bavarian is among the most historic of all of Germany; the core of the Old Town, through which the Pegnitz River flows, is still...

  • Passau

    Flanking the borders of Austria and the Czech Republic, Passau dates back more than 2,500 years. Originally settled by the Celts, then by the Romans, Passau later passed into the possession of...

  • Regensburg

    Few visitors to Bavaria venture this far off the well-trodden tourist trails, and even Germans are surprised when they discover medieval Regensburg. The town escaped World War II with no major...


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