Main Paris post office. Post offices, or PTT, are found in every town and are recognizable by a yellow La Poste sign. They're usually open weekdays 8 am to 7 pm, Saturday 8–noon. The main Paris post office is open daily, from 7:30 am until 6 am (closed for an hour and a half for cleaning). 52 rue du Louvre, Paris, 75001.

Shipping Packages

Letters and postcards to the United States and Canada cost €0.89 for 20 grams. Letters and postcards within France cost €0.60. Stamps can be bought in post offices and in cafés displaying a red tabac sign outside. It takes, on the average, three days for letters to arrive in Europe, and five days to reach the United States.

If you're uncertain where you'll be staying, have mail sent to the local post office, addressed as poste restante. The French postal service has a €0.55 per item service charge.

Sending overnight mail from major cities in France is relatively easy. Besides DHL, Federal Express, and UPS, the French post office has overnight mail service, called Chronopost, which is much cheaper for small packages. Keep in mind that certain things cannot be shipped from France to the United States, such as perfume and any meat products.

Express Services

DHL (08–20–20–25–25 .

Federal Express (01–40–85–56–60 in Paris; 08–20–12–38–00 for information from all over France .

UPS (08–21–23–38–77 for information from all over France.

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