The Loire Valley Feature


Top Reasons to Go to the Loire Valley

Step into a fairy tale at Sleeping Beauty's castle: Play once-upon-a-time at Ussé—gleaming white against an emerald forest backcloth, it's so beautiful it inspired Perrault's immortal tale.

Witness the might of kingly Chambord: The world's wackiest rooftop, with a forest of chimneys to match the game-rich woodlands extending in all directions, marks the Loire's grandest château.

Find splendor in the grass at Villandry: The Renaissance reblooms in these geometric gardens that have been lovingly restored to floricultural magnificence.

Indulge in a bit of romance at Chenonceau: Half bridge, half pleasure palace, this epitome of picturesque France extends across the Cher River, so why not row a boat under its arches?

Revel in medieval magic at Fontevraud: The majestic abbey is the resting place of English kings... and a queen.

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