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This sand public beach as you enter town has free showers and toilets with lifeguard surveillance from mid-June to mid-September. Parking is free and you can rent loungers nearby. Amenities: lifeguards; parking (free); showers; toilets. Best for: swimming.

At this private beach, you'll spend €23 for a lounger but you should get some pretty awesome views and your feet should feel the spray of the Med as it tempts you to swim—or Jet Ski. Amenities: toilets; showers; water sports; food and drink. Best for: swimming; sunset; walking.

Off the Route des Plages is this most notorious of all the beaches—famous for A-list debauches and a regular clientele of megamovie stars and nymphet wannabes (visualize spring break on stilettos). But Nikki Beach isn't actually on the beach, but rather steps from the beach with a pool and restaurant (with two toilets!). Rent a bed (€35), but you may want to avoid the pool side where champagne showers spare no one. Amenities: food and drink; parking (fee and free); showers; toilets. Best for: partiers.

The closet beach to the town of St-Tropez, at the southern base of the Citadelle and past the cemetery, Graniers beach is easily accessible by foot (it's part of the Sentier du littoral) and the most family-friendly. At the east end, you can rent loungers (€22 plus €7 for an umbrella) from the restaurant. There's free parking but no toilets or showers. Amenities: parking (free). Best for: swimming.

Situated between Cap des Salins and Point du Capon, this 600-meter public coral beach is the gateway to a stretch of Pampelonne beach. It's lined by huge umbrella pine trees with free showers, toilets, and parking, and you can rent loungers from the beach's private section. Neighboring Crique des Salins is a fine-sand beach, and easier on the feet. Amenities: parking (free); showers; toilets. Best for: swimming.

Welcome to Tahiti Plage, the oldest and most famous of St-Trop's private beaches (Bardot filmed along this stretch), with its fine-sand beaches, rentable loungers close to the shoreline, restaurants, and toilets. The crowd is definitely north of 35 but as they don't act their age, there is lots to see in terms of hardly-there swimwear. Amenities: showers: toilets; water sports. Best for: swimming; walking.


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