Nightlife & the Arts in Paris


Nightlife & the Arts in Les Halles

Nightlife Overview
Name Category Location
Ballroom du Beef Club
Unmarked black door, basement setting, pressed...
Bars Les Halles
Banana Café
Banana Café draws a trendy, scantily clad mixed...
Bars Les Halles
Bar at the Hotel Jules & Jim
The look here is something between a chic...
Bars Les Halles
Bar d'Art/Le Duplex
Young tortured-artist types flock here to enjoy...
Bars Les Halles
If a muscled man bars your way, just whisper the...
Bars Les Halles
Chacha Club
Behind a nondescript facade you'll find a...
Bars Les Halles
Experimental Cocktail Club
Fashioned as a speakeasy on a tiny brick-paved...
Bars Les Halles
Masquerading as a dive in Pigalle's rapidly...
Bars Les Halles
IRCAM organizes contemporary and classical music...
Music Les Halles
The custom DJ'd music track, the love seats, and...
Bars Les Halles
L'Entrée des Artistes
Veterans of some of Paris's best new-generation...
Bars Les Halles
La Conserverie
La Conserverie is a rustic-elegant loft space...
Bars Les Halles
Le Café Noir
Parisians from Bobos (bourgeois-bohemians) to...
Bars Les Halles
Le Dépôt
Le Dépôt is a cruising bar, club, and the...
Bars Les Halles
Le Forum des Images
Le Forum des Images organizes thematic...
Film Les Halles
Le Sunset-Sunside
This two-part club hosts French and American jazz...
Music Clubs Les Halles
Le Truskel
What looks, sounds and feels like an English pub...
Bars Les Halles
Playtime Cocktails
The banquettes and throw pillow may mislead,...
Bars Les Halles
Prescription Cocktail Club
This club is brought to you by the owners of...
Bars Les Halles
Théâtre de la Ville
Théâtre de la Ville is the top spot for...
Dance Les Halles
Théâtre du Châtelet
Also known as Théâtre Musical de Paris, this...
Opera Les Halles


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