Paris Features


Paris Features

  • Paris Today

    Bienvenue à Paris! Or, welcome to Paris! Although it may seem as if time stands still in this city—with its romantic, old buildings and elegant... Read more

  • Top Things to Do in Paris

    Originally built as a temporary exhibition for the 1889 World's Fair, today there's no other monument that symbolizes Paris better than Gustave... Read more

  • What the Locals Do in Paris

    To appreciate the City of Light as the locals do, you can start by learning some of the daily rituals of Paris life. These simple, fun pleasures... Read more

  • Paris With Kids

    Paris is often promoted as an adult destination, but there's no shortage of children's activities to keep the young 'uns busy, not to mention... Read more

  • Left Bank Artists and Writers

    Some of the greatest artists and writers of the 20th century were attracted to the winding streets and bustling boulevards of Paris's Left Bank... Read more

  • Hands-on Paris

    Sometimes it's not enough to see the sights, shop the boutiques, and sample the regional delicacies: there is the compulsion to really immerse... Read more

  • Cheap Things to Do in Paris

    It's easy to break the bank in Paris, but those acquainted with the city know where to find the free (or almost free) stuff. Here are some tips... Read more

  • Paris Museums, an Overview

    There's no shortage of museums in Paris, so it's a good idea to make a plan. This overview includes all the museums listed elsewhere in the book... Read more

  • Romantic Things to Do in Paris

    It isn't hard to stumble across a romantic moment in Paris. Couples kiss on park benches, dine by candlelight in cozy neighborhood bistros, and... Read more

  • Dining in St-Germain and Montparnasse

    Small bistros are moving into the spotlight in St-Germain, and crêpe stands, fish restaurants, and oyster bars attest to the Breton influence... Read more

  • Dining in the Latin Quarter and the Islands

    Whether you're seeking a cheap Chinese eatery or a table for two at La Tour d'Argent, the Latin Quarter dishes up something for every taste and... Read more

  • Dining in the Marais and Bastille/Nation

    The center of Jewish and gay life in Paris, the Marais is the place to find the best falafel in town and some great bistro fare, too. Farther... Read more

  • Dining in Montmartre, Canal St-Martin, Northeast Paris

    Perched above central Paris, Montmartre is buzzing with a hip vibe, and cutting-edge cafés are springing up along the banks of the Canal St-Martin... Read more

  • Dining in the Champs-Élysées and Western Paris

    Style often wins out over substance around the Champs-Élysées, but a handful of luxury restaurants continue to defy fashion.... Read more

  • Dining Around the Eiffel Tower and in Les Invalides

    Lively bistros and daring contemporary restaurants bring unexpected exuberance to the otherwise sedate streets around the Eiffel Tower and in... Read more

  • Dining Around the Louvre, in Les Halles and the Opéra

    All-night restaurants and hearty bistros continue to thrive around Paris's former wholesale market, creating a boisterous contrast with the elegant... Read more

  • Bicycling in Paris

    You've seen those 1930s photographs of Paris—men in berets bicycling the streets, a baguette tucked under one arm; elegant women in billowing... Read more

  • Hemingway's Paris

    There is a saying: "Everyone has two countries, his or her own—and France." For the Lost Generation after World War I, these words rang particularly... Read more

  • Paris's Covered Arcades

    Before there were the grands magasins, there were the passages couverts, covered arcades that offered the early-19th-century Parisian shopper... Read more

  • The Top Spas in Paris

    After a long day of shopping, nothing beats a retreat to a Parisian spa. They're easy to find, with one or two in the department stores and an... Read more

  • A Scenic Walking Tour of Montmartre

    One of the Paris's most charming walks begins at the Abbesses métro station (Line 12), which has one of only two remaining iron-and-glass Art... Read more

  • Bastille at Night

    From Place de la Bastille, take Rue de la Roquette and turn right onto Rue de Lappe, Paris's answer to Bourbon Street, once a haunt of artists... Read more

  • Shakespeare & Company

    This English-language bookstore is one of Paris's most eccentric and lovable literary institutions. Founded by George Whitman, the maze of new... Read more

  • Dueling Cafés

    Les Deux Magots (6 pl. St-Germain-des-Prés) and the neighboring Café de Flore (172 bd. St-Germain) have been duking it out on this bustling corner... Read more

  • Artists, Writers, and Exiles

    Paris became a magnet for the international avant-garde in the mid-1800s and remained Europe's creative capital until the 1950s. It all began... Read more

  • On the Run

    Eating on the run doesn't come naturally to the French, and you can easily spend two hours, albeit pleasantly, having lunch in a Paris café... Read more

  • Apartment Rentals

    Many Fodorites rent apartments in Paris because they favor extra space plus that special sense of living like a local. Rentals can also offer... Read more

  • French Restaurant Types

    Bistro: The broadest category, a bistro can be a simple, relaxed restaurant serving traditional fare or a chic hot spot where dinner costs more... Read more

  • A French Cheese Primer

    Their cuisine might be getting lighter, but the French aren't ready to relinquish their cheese. Some restaurants present a single, lovingly selected... Read more

  • Canal St-Martin

    The Canal St-Martin area is one of the latest neighborhoods to become a cultural hub for up-and-coming young Parisians, offering an enriching... Read more

  • The Best Chocolate Shops in Paris

    The French take chocolate seriously. There are dozens of chocolatiers to choose from, but the purveyors listed here are unusually distinguished... Read more


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