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L'Ile Rousse

The Outdoors

There are fine Riviera-like strands north of Calvi reached by a little train service that runs around the bay to L'Ile Rousse. Between late July and the end of August these are jam-packed, but they can be delightfully peaceful early or late in the season. In summer there are numerous caf├ęs and restaurants for refreshment. Note that topless and sometimes nude sunbathing are acceptable here; don't be shocked to see bare breasts and bums at every beach.

Plage d'Ostriconi. This long stretch of white-sand beach at the mouth of the Ostriconi River is a popular spot to swim and sunbathe, although strong winds keep waves high. 20 km 13 mi north of L'Isle Rousse, L'Ile Rousse, 20220.

Plage Saleccia. This wild, undeveloped white-sand beach surrounded by rugged maquis and dunes is frequented by nude bathers and was used as a location for the 1960s film The Longest Day. No doubt you will be mesmerized by clear turquoise waters along the mile-long shore. St-Florent, 20217.