Corsica Places




BMS. Near the water's edge, BMS rents bicycles year-round. Quai de la Citadelle, Port de Plaisance, Tino Rossi, Ajaccio, 20000. 04–95–21–33–75.

Corsica Bikes. Close to Porto Vecchio, this small business delivers bike and motor scooter rentals to guest locations. Feel the Corsican wind in your hair whether you choose a mountain bike or 50–125cc scooters. An affordable transportation alternative, leisure or sport cycles are available for as little as €15–€20 per day. Route de Saint Cyprien, Pont de l'Oso, Lecci, 20137. 06–08–68–31–51.

Rout'Evasion. Touring and mountain bikes can be rented from Rout'Evasion, where English and Italian are spoken. 10 av. Noël Franchini, Ajaccio, 20090. 04–95–22–72–87. Mon.–Sat. 9–noon and 2:30–7; closed Sun.