Champagne Country Experience


Top Reasons to Go to Champagne Country

Drink Champagne—what else!: Drink it, see the vineyards, visit the cavernous chalk cellars where bottles are stored by the million.

Bask in Gothic glory: No fewer than 10 Gothic cathedrals dot the region—check out the rivalry between the biggest of them (Amiens) and the tallest (neighboring Beauvais).

Relax in L'Épine: Set on the Route du Champagne, this cozy village has the superlative Aux Armes de Champagne restaurant, set across from its pretty stone-lacework church.

Look up in Laon: With its cathedral towers patrolling the hilly horizon, the "Crowned Mountain " has a site whose grandeur rivals Mont-St-Michel (and just as exciting up close, with mighty stone oxen guarding the church towers).

Drink now, pray later in the Capital of Bubbly: Reims, the "Champagne City," is also home to France's great coronation cathedral.

Updated: 10-2012

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