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Paimpol is one of the liveliest fishing ports in the area and a good base for exploring this part of the coast. The town is a maze of narrow streets lined with shops, restaurants, and souvenir boutiques. The harbor, where fishermen used to unload their catch from far-off seas, is its main focal point; today most fish are caught in the Channel. From the sharp cliffs you can see the coast's famous pink-granite rocks. For centuries, but now no longer, Breton fishermen sailed to Newfoundland each spring to harvest cod—a long and perilous journey. The Fête des Terres-Neuves is a celebration of the traditional return from Newfoundland of the Breton fishing fleets; it's held on the third Sunday in July. From Paimpol, trains go to Guingamp, and CAT buses go to St-Brieuc; both towns are on the Paris–Brest TGV line.

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