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Sights & Attractions Alsace-Lorraine

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Abbaye d'Andlau
Built in the 12th century, the Abbaye d'Andlau...
Religious Sites Andlau
Avenue Foch
This busy boulevard lined with mansions was laid...
Neighborhoods / Streets Nancy
Barrage Vauban
Just beyond the Ponts Couverts is the...
Architectural Sites The Historic Heart
Basilique du Bois-Chenu
The ornate late-19th-century Basilique du...
Religious Sites Domremy-la-Pucelle
Basilique St-Maurice
The small but bustling Vieille Ville is...
Religious Sites epinal
Brasserie l'Excelsior
This bustling brasserie has a severely rhythmic...
Restaurants Nancy
This vast, frigid edifice was built in the...
Religious Sites Nancy
Cathédrale Notre-Dame
Dark pink, ornately carved Vosges sandstone...
Religious Sites The Historic Heart
Château du Haut-Koenigsbourg
The ruins of the Château du Haut-Koenigsbourg...
Castles / Palaces Haut-Koenigsbourg
Église des Dominicains
The Flemish-influenced Madonna of the Rosebush...
Religious Sites Colmar
European Parliament
This sleek building testifies to the growing...
Government Buildings Beyond the Ill
Kapelturm Beffroi
Place du Marché, in the heart of town, is...
Religious Sites Obernai
Like a private backyard for the Eurocrats in the...
Gardens / Arboretums Beyond the Ill
La Pépinière
This picturesque, landscaped city park has...
Parks Nancy
La Petite Venise
To find Colmar at its most charming, wander along...
Neighborhoods / Streets Colmar
Maison aux Arcades
Up the street from the Ancienne Douane on the...
Houses / Mansions Colmar
Maison Natale de Jeanne d'Arc
The humble stone-and-stucco Maison Natale de...
Houses / Mansions Domremy-la-Pucelle
Maison Pfister
The Maison Pfister, built in 1537, is the most...
Houses / Mansions Colmar
The summit of Mont-Ste-Odile is ringed by Mur...
Religious Sites Mont-Ste-Odile
Musée Alsacien
In this labyrinthine half-timber home, with...
Museums / Galleries The Historic Heart
Musée Bartholdi
The Bartholdi Museum is the birthplace of...
Museums / Galleries Colmar
Musée d'Art Moderne et Contemporain
A magnificent sculpture of a building...
Museums / Galleries The Historic Heart
Musée d'arts décoratif Folie Marco
Admire original furniture, local porcelain,...
Museums / Galleries Barr
Musée d'Unterlinden
The cultural highlight of Colmar is the Musée...
Museums / Galleries Colmar
Musée de l'École de Nancy
France's only museum devoted to Art Nouveau is...
Museums / Galleries Nancy
Musée de l'Image
This is a private museum of the town's most...
Museums / Galleries epinal
Musée de l'Œuvre Notre-Dame
There's more to this museum than the usual...
Museums / Galleries The Historic Heart
Musée Départemental d'Art Ancien et Contemporain
A renovated 17th-century hospital on an island in...
Museums / Galleries epinal
Musée des Arts et Traditions Populaires
Just up the street from the Palais Ducal, this...
Museums / Galleries Nancy
Musée des Beaux-Arts
In a splendid building that now spills over...
Museums / Galleries Nancy
Musée Historique
This museum, in a step-gabled slaughterhouse...
Museums / Galleries The Historic Heart
No. 2 rue Bénit
This elaborately worked metal exoskeleton, the...
Architectural Sites Nancy
No. 40 rue Henri-Poincaré
The Lorraine thistle (a civic emblem) and brewing...
Architectural Sites Nancy
No. 9 rue Chanzy
Designed by architect Émile André, this lovely...
Architectural Sites Nancy
Nos. 42–44 rue St-Dizier
Furniture maker Eugène Vallin and architect...
Architectural Sites Nancy
Palais de l'Europe
Designed by Paris architect Henri Bernard in...
Government Buildings Beyond the Ill
Palais Ducal
Built in the 13th century, completely restored in...
Museums / Galleries, Castles / Palaces Nancy
Palais Rohan
The exterior of this massive neoclassical palace...
Museums / Galleries The Historic Heart
Petite France
With gingerbread half-timber houses that seem to...
Neighborhoods / Streets The Historic Heart
Place de l'Hôtel de Ville
Ignore the guides herding around French and...
Squares Ribeauville
Place de la Carrière
Lined with pollarded trees and handsome...
Squares Nancy
Place de la République
The spacious layout and ponderous architecture of...
Squares Beyond the Ill
Place Stanislas
With its severe, gleaming-white Classical facades...
Squares Nancy
Ponts Couverts
These three bridges, distinguished by their four...
Bridges / Tunnels The Historic Heart
Porte de la Craffe
A fairy-tale vision out of the late Middle Ages,...
Memorials / Monuments Nancy
Puits à Six-Seaux
An elaborate Renaissance well near the belfry,...
Architectural Sites Obernai
Rue Raugraff
Once there were two stores here—Vaxelaire and...
Neighborhoods / Streets Nancy
A 275-foot spire towers over this splendid...
Religious Sites Nancy
The church of St-Foy dates from between 1155 and...
Religious Sites Selestat
The twin spires of this parish church compete...
Religious Sites Obernai
Villa Majorelle
In this villa, built in 1902 by Paris architect...
Houses / Mansions Nancy
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