Alsace-Lorraine: Places to Explore


  • Andlau

  • Barr

    Surrounded by vineyards that harvest some of the finest vintages of Sylvaner and Gewürztraminer wines, Barr is a thriving, semi-industrial town surrounded by vines, with some charming narrow streets lined... Read more

  • Colmar

    Forget that much of Colmar's architecture is modern (because of the destruction wrought by World Wars I and II): its Vieille Ville heart—an atmospheric maze of narrow streets lined with candy-color, half-timber... Read more

  • Dambach-la-Ville

    One of the prettiest villages along the Alsace Wine Road, Dambach-la-Ville is a fortified medieval town protected by ramparts and three powerful 13th-century gateways. It's particularly rich in half-timber... Read more

  • Domrémy-la-Pucelle

    Joan of Arc was born in Domrémy-la-Pucelle in a stone hut in either 1411 or 1412. You can see it as well as the church where she was baptized, the actual statue of St. Marguerite before which she prayed... Read more

  • Épinal

    On the Moselle River at the feet of the Vosges, Épinal, a printing center since 1735, is famous throughout France for boldly colored prints, popular illustrations, and hand-colored stencils.... Read more

  • Haut-Koenigsbourg

    One of the most popular spots in Alsace is the romantic, crag-top castle of Haut-Koenigsbourg, originally built as a fortress in the 12th century.... Read more

  • Mont-Ste-Odile

  • Nancy

    For architectural variety, few French cities match Nancy, which is in the heart of Lorraine, 300 km (190 miles) east of Paris. Medieval ornamentation, 18th-century grandeur, and Belle Époque fluidity rub... Read more

  • Obernai

    Many visitors begin their saunter down the Route du Vin at Obernai, a thriving, colorful Renaissance market town named for the patron saint of Alsace. Head to the central town enclosed by the ramparts... Read more

  • Ribeauvillé

    The beautiful half-timber town of Ribeauvillé, surrounded by rolling vineyards and three imposing châteaux, produces some of the best wines in Alsace. (The Trimbach family has made Riesling and superb... Read more

  • Riquewihr

    With its dormer windows fit for a Rapunzel, hidden cul-de-sacs home to Rumpelstiltskins, and unique once-upon-a-timeliness, Riquewihr is the showpiece of the Wine Route and a living museum of the quaint... Read more

  • Sélestat

    Sélestat, midway between Strasbourg and Colmar, is a lively, historic town with a Romanesque church and a library of medieval manuscripts (and, important to note, a railway station with trains to and from... Read more

  • Strasbourg

    Although centered in the heart of Alsace 490 km (304 miles) east of Paris, and drawing appealingly on Alsatian gemütlichkeit (coziness), the city of Strasbourg is a cosmopolitan French cultural center... Read more

  • Vaucouleurs

    Above the modest main street in the market town of Vaucouleurs, you can see ruins of Robert de Baudricourt's ancient medieval castle and the Porte de France, through which Joan of Arc led her armed soldiers... Read more