Side Trips from Helsinki: Places to Explore


  • Ainola

  • Fiskars Village

    This ironworks village is best known as the place where the Fiskars company began producing its orange scissors in 1967. The company has since relocated production but still owns much of the picturesque... Read more

  • Gallen-Kallela Estate

  • Hvitträsk

  • Porvoo

    Porvoo is a living record of the past, with its old stone streets and painted wooden houses lining the riverbank. Artisan boutiques around the old Town Hall Square invite exploration. Take a stroll into... Read more

  • Vantaa

    Though not remarkable, Vantaa—the municipality north of Helsinki proper and the home of the international airport—has a few notable attractions. A welcome surplus of open green space and trails for biking... Read more