Lapland: Places to Explore


  • Inari

    It is a stunning drive northwest from Ivalo along the lakeshore to Inari, home of the Sami Parlamenta (Sami Parliament) and the center of Sami culture. Lake Inari is Finland's second largest and...

  • Ivalo

    The village of Ivalo is the main center for northern Lapland and the largest village in the Inari region, with 4,300 inhabitants. It connects major snowmobile routes in winter and attracts anglers...

  • Rovaniemi

    The best place to start your tour of Lapland is Rovaniemi, where the Ounas and Kemi rivers meet almost on the Arctic Circle. Often called the Gateway to Lapland, Rovaniemi is also the...

  • Saariselka

    You could hike and ski for days in the area around Saariselka without seeing another soul. The town has many hotels and is a good central base from which to set off on a trip into the true...


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