Yorkshire: Places to Explore


  • Bolton Abbey

    A leafy, picturesque village amid the rolling hills of the Yorkshire Dales, Bolton Abbey is a famously attractive town with a stone church and an evocative ruined priory. Much of the area is still technically... Read more

  • Bridlington

    A fishing port settled since Roman times and probably long before, Bridlington is less upmarket than some other Yorkshire seaside resorts, although it arguably has the best beach of them all—a wide arc... Read more

  • Castle Howard

    The Baroque grandeur of Castle Howard is without equal in northern England. The grounds, enhanced by groves of trees, a twinkling lake, and a perfect lawn, add to the splendor.... Read more

  • Danby

    The old stone village of Danby nestles in the green Esk valley, a short walk from the summit of the moors. It's been settled since Viking times—Danby means "village where the Danes lived"—and these days... Read more

  • Harrogate

    During the Regency and early-Victorian periods, it became fashionable for the aristocratic and wealthy to "take the waters" at British spa towns, combining the alleged health benefits with socializing... Read more

  • Hawes

    The best time to visit the so-called cheesiest town in Yorkshire is on Tuesday, when farmers crowd into town for the weekly market. Crumbly, white Wensleydale cheese has been made in the valley for centuries... Read more

  • Haworth: Heart of Brontë Country

    Whatever Haworth might have been in the past, today it’s Brontë country. This old stone-built textile village on the edge of the Yorkshire Moors long ago gave up its own personality and allowed itself... Read more

  • Helmsley

    The market town of Helmsley, with its flowering window boxes, stone cottages, churchyard, and arched bridges leading across streams, is the perfect place to spend a relaxing afternoon. You can while away... Read more

  • Hutton-le-Hole

    Sleepy Hutton-le-Hole is a charming little place based around a wide village green, with fluffy sheep snoozing in the shade of stone cottages. Unfortunately, it can be unbearably crowded in summer. You... Read more

  • Knaresborough

    At the bottom of a precipitously deep rocky gorge along the River Nidd, the little town of Knaresborough could hardly be more photogenic. It's best seen from a train, crossing the high Victorian viaduct... Read more

  • Leeds

    Once an industrial powerhouse, Leeds has reinvented itself as a vibrant dining, drinking, and shopping destination with numerous cafés with outdoor tables defying the northern weather, trendy restaurants... Read more

  • Richmond

    Tucked into a bend above the foaming River Swale, Richmond has a picturesque network of narrow Georgian streets and terraces opening onto a large cobbled marketplace that dates back to medieval times... Read more

  • Ripon

    Said to be England’s second-oldest city and still one of its smallest, Ripon has been the site of a market since the 10th century, and probably before. A basilica was built here in the 7th century, and... Read more

  • Robin Hood's Bay

    With red-roof cottages and cobbled roads squeezed into a narrow ravine, this tiny fishing village is considered by many to be the prettiest on the Yorkshire coast. Its winding stone staircases eventually... Read more

  • Saltaire

  • Scarborough

    There’s no Scarborough Fair, and historians are divided on whether there ever was one, but don't let that stop you from heading to this classic English seaside resort on the North Sea. The liveliest tourist... Read more

  • Skipton

    Skipton in Airedale, capital of the limestone district of Craven, is a country market town with as many farmers as visitors milling in the streets. There are markets Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday... Read more

  • Thirsk

    This busy market town on the western edge of the moors was once an important coaching stop on the main east–west route from the dales to the coast, known for its inns. Today it's a busy, affluent farm... Read more

  • Whitby

    A fishing port with a Gothic edge, Whitby is a busy tourist hub, but it handles the crowds so well you might not notice (except at dinnertime, when it's hard to get a seat in a restaurant). Set in a ravine... Read more

  • York

    For many people, the first stop in Yorkshire is the historic cathedral city of York. Much of the city's medieval and 18th-century architecture has survived, making it a delight to explore. It's one of... Read more