Malmaison Oxford Castle

3 Oxford Castle, Oxford, OX1 1AY, England

Housed in what was a 19th-century prison, this high-concept boutique hotel remains true to its unusual history by showing off the original metal doors and exposed-brick walls. In the main guest wing, past the chic reception area, it really does look like a prison, albeit a stylishly lit one, and takes some getting used to. You half expect guests to bang their spoons on the white metal railings if breakfast isn't served on time. But fear not, the accommodations in the old cell block are quite luxurious and have modern, bathrooms. There are more bedrooms located in converted outbuildings on the other side of the old exercise yard (ominously called "The House of Correction"). These are smaller and a little plainer, although still modern and perfectly pleasant. Doing time at this jail is no hard thing at all.


  • modern luxury in a beautifully converted building
  • you can't get more unique a setting
  • great bar and restaurant


  • no matter how comfortable they make it, the prison thing is just weird
  • expensive parking
  • no elevator and lots of stairs


Phones: 01865-268400


86 rooms, 8 suites
Rate Includes: Breakfast