London Features


London Features

  • London Today

    If London contained only its landmarks—Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the Tower of London—it would still rank as one of the world's top destinations... Read more

  • Top Things to Do in London

    Steeped in history and tradition, the pillars of this great Christian edifice stand around the final resting place of the men and women who built... Read more

  • London's Royal Legacy

    London's Royal Legacy Don't know your House of York from your Houses of Parliament? Here's the lowdown (or high-up) to the most famous kings... Read more

  • Spectator Sports in London

    London may have hosted the 2012 Olympic Games, but don't expect to see many residents practicing their javelin throws in Hyde Park or going for... Read more

  • Cheap Things to Do in London

    The exchange rate may vary, but there's one conversion that'll never change: £0 = $0. Here are our picks for the top free things to do in London... Read more

  • Historic Pubs in London

    An excellent and beery way to see London and its backstreets is on a "pub crawl"—this walk takes you through some of the city's most historically... Read more

  • What's New in London

    "London," so a local saying goes "will be nice when it's finished." You'll soon get the joke— it's hard to turn a corner in the city center without... Read more

  • The Top Spots for Afternoon Tea

    So, what is Afternoon Tea, exactly? Well, it means real tea (Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Ceylon, Darjeeling, or Assam) brewed in a china pot... Read more

  • London With Kids

    London Dungeon. Gore galore (did you ever see a disembowelment?) plunges you into murky depths of history, with gruesome rides and special effects... Read more

  • Blimey, Gov'nor, It's Jack the Ripper!

    Gigantic shadows, fires blazing on the corner, leering looks by the homeless, and the spirit of "Jack" himself: all may show up on one of London's... Read more

  • London's East End Art Scene

    It was only inevitable that the once arty Islington area (the N1 postal district, which rubs streets with the less elegant end of the Regent's... Read more

  • London's Historic Blue Plaques

    As you wander around London, you'll see lots of small blue, circular plaques on the sides and facades of buildings, describing which famous... Read more

  • London Chain Hotel Primer

    England has a number of hotel chains—worth considering—some are moderately priced, others are luxurious. Here's a quick run-down of our favorites:... Read more

  • Know Your Shopping Personality

    "Where is the best place to shop in London?" There are thousands of shops in the city, and dozens of neighborhoods worth shopping in. Start by... Read more

  • London Shopping Steals and Deals

    Even at the best of times London has never been known as a budget-shopping destination, and when the pound is strong prices can seem stratospheric... Read more

  • Vintage London

    The British, with their love of theatrical style, have embraced the trend for vintage clothing with particular gusto. Even mainstream places... Read more

  • Great London Souvenirs

    To avoid panic-buying a bulk pack of Cadbury chocolate at Heathrow, it's wise to plan your gift purchasing with care.... Read more

  • What to Eat in London

    In London, local could mean any global flavor, but for pure Britishness, roast beef and Yorkshire pudding top the list. If you want the best-value... Read more


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