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  • London Today

    Welcome to London! Variously described by poets and statesmen as "modern Babylon," "Unreal City," "enormous Babel," and "…the City of the free."... Read more

  • Top Attractions in London

    The pillars of this early–English Gothic edifice stand around the stone tombs of the great men and women who built Britain. The Abbey also... Read more

  • London's Royal Legacy

    Don't know your House of Tudor from your House of Hanover? Here's the lowdown on the most famous kings and queens who have influenced London, and... Read more

  • Watching Sports in London

    Sport in the capital is best watched, rather than participated in. If you're lucky enough to score a ticket for a Premier League football match,... Read more

  • Free Things to Do in London

    The exchange rate may vary a bit, but there is one conversion that will never change: £0 = $0. Here are our picks for the top free things to do in... Read more

  • A Brief History of London

    Although there is evidence of Celtic habitation on the north bank of the Thames, in many ways London begins with the Romans, who established the... Read more

  • A London Historic Pub Crawl

    A brilliant, beery, and traditional way to see London and its medieval backstreets is on a "pub crawl." This walk takes you through some of the... Read more

  • Walk London's East End Art Scene

    From the atmospheric period streets of Whitechapel and Spitalfields to the warehouses-turned-galleries of Hackney, a tour of the East End’s art... Read more

  • Afternoon Tea

    So, what is Afternoon Tea, exactly? Well, it means real loose-leaf tea—Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Ceylon, Darjeeling, or Assam—brewed in a... Read more

  • London With Kids

    Kew Gardens. Kew Gardens is great for kids, with activities, the "climbers and creepers" play zone, treetops sky walk, zip wires, scramble slides,... Read more

  • The Docklands Renaissance

    For centuries the Thames was a fevered hub of activity. Great palaces were built along the river, most long gone (such as Whitehall, which dwarfed... Read more

  • Top Reasons to Go to London

    Architectural Icons: The Tower of London and Big Ben are quintessential London. Art Museums: From the National Gallery to the Tate Modern, a visual... Read more

  • Banksy and The East End Art Scene

    Banksy, the Bristol-based artist and provocateur who has maintained his anonymity despite now commanding six-figure prices, is widely credited with... Read more

  • Jack the Ripper

    The spirit of Jack the Ripper, one of the world's most infamous serial killers, haunts the "Jack the Ripper Walk" that takes you to the deserted... Read more

  • Jazz and Blues

    Jazz in London is highly eclectic. You can expect anything from danceable, smooth tunes played at a supper club to groovy New Orleans–style... Read more

  • Gay Nightlife in London

    The U.K. capital's gay and lesbian culture is as thriving as it is in New York or Los Angeles, with Soho serving as the traditional hub, though... Read more

  • Historic Homes in London

    As you wander around London, you'll see lots of small blue, circular plaques on the sides and facades of buildings, describing which famous,... Read more

  • A Trip to Abbey Road

    The black-and-white crossroads (known as a "zebra crossing") near the Abbey Road Studios at No. 3 is a place of pilgrimage for Beatles’ fans from... Read more

  • Shopping in London for Every Taste

    "Where is the best place to shop in London?" There are thousands of shops in the city, and dozens of neighborhoods worth shopping in. Start by... Read more

  • Popular Chain Restaurants in London

    If you're zipping round town or don't have time for a leisurely meal, try a local chain restaurant. Bill’s: Linger at this popular chain where... Read more

  • Dance: London Today

    Dance fans in London can enjoy the classicism of the world-renowned Royal Ballet, as well as innovative works by several contemporary dance... Read more

  • Pub Names and Signs

    Pictorial signs traditionally helped illiterate customers identify establishments; these popular names have an interesting historical element behind... Read more

  • Bed-and-Breakfasts in London

    You can stay in small, homey B&Bs for an up-close-and-personal brush with city life (Parkwood Hotel; Arlington Avenue), or find yourself in what is... Read more

  • London Chain Hotel Primer

    Here's a quick rundown of some hotel chains worth considering: easyHotel: One of the first chains to bring "pod hotels" to London, the easyHotel... Read more

  • British Food Decoder

    For pure Britishness, roast beef and Yorkshire pudding tops the list. If you want the best, go to a foodie-mad local gastropub. Here the Sunday... Read more

  • Apartment Rentals in London

    For a home base that's roomy enough for a family and that comes with cooking facilities, consider renting furnished "flats" (the British word for... Read more

  • Contemporary Art: London Today

    In the 21st century, the focus of the city's art scene has shifted from the past to the future. Helped by the prominence of Tate Modern, London's... Read more

  • Lodging Alternatives in London

    London School of Economics Vacations. London School of Economics Vacations costs around £88 for a double with shared bathroom, or £92 for a double... Read more

  • London Shopping Steals and Deals

    Even at the best of times London has never been known as a budget-shopping destination, and when the pound is strong prices can seem stratospheric.... Read more

  • Best Breakfasts in London

    Bistrot Bruno Loubet. Go east to historic Clerkenwell for a popular vegetarian breakfast (£9.50) at Bistrot Bruno Loubet at The Zetter overlooking... Read more

  • Film: London Today

    There are many wonderful movie theaters in London and several that are committed to non-mainstream and repertory cinema, in particular the excellent... Read more

  • Classical Music: London Today

    Whether it's a concert by pianist Lang Lang or a Mozart requiem by candlelight, it's possible to hear first-rate musicians in world-class venues... Read more

  • Top Five Art Attractions in London

    Stand with the "plebs" in Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. There are seats, but to really experience theater Shakespearean-style you should stand in... Read more

  • Theater: London Today

    In London the play really is the thing, ranging from a long-running popular musical like Mamma Mia!, a groundbreaking reworking of Pinter,... Read more

  • Opera: London Today

    The two key players in London's opera scene are the Royal Opera House (which ranks with the Metropolitan Opera House in New York) and the more... Read more

  • The Best London Souvenirs

    To avoid panic-buying a bulk pack of Cadbury chocolate at Heathrow, it's wise to plan your gift purchasing with care. For a well-chosen, eclectic... Read more


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