The First Ever Art Exhibit Curated Just for Dogs Opens in London

Posted by Chantel Delulio on August 19, 2016 at 2:56:00 PM EDT | Post a Comment

Art Exhibit Curated Just for Dogs

London’s More Th>n #PlayMore exhibit is proving that art isn’t just for people anymore. Designed by artist Dominic Wilcox, the exhibit is the first in the world curated specifically for dogs. The curators consulted with veterinary experts in order to put together a collection that was best for a dog’s wellbeing. Among the interactive canine-friendly pieces are a car window simulator that wafts dog-favorite scents, a screen that simulates a Frisbee, a 10-foot wide ball pit inspired dog-bowl, and paintings created using only colors that dogs can see.

The More Th>n #PlayMore exhibit is open to the public until Saturday Aug. 20.

For more on this story visit Mashable.

Photo Credit: Mikael Buck/ MORE TH>N

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