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  • Top Attractions

    Packed with treasures and pleasures, London entices with superb museums, royal pageantry, and exciting theater, shopping, and nightlife. Its iconic... Read more

  • If You Like

    Exploring the diversity and magnificence of England's castles and stately homes can occupy most of a blissful vacation. You'll find clusters in the... Read more

  • England Today

    England is the biggest region of the United Kingdom (or U.K.), the nation that also includes Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and the Channel... Read more

  • Flavors of England

    England has never lacked a treasure store of nature's bounty: lush green pastures, fruitful orchards, and the encompassing sea. Over the past few... Read more

  • England Lodging Primer

    If your England dreams involve staying in a cozy cottage with a lovely garden, here's some good news: you won't have to break the bank. Throughout... Read more

  • Classic English Desserts

    The English love to round off lunch or dinner with something sweet. British food is experiencing an ongoing revival that has cooks bringing back... Read more

  • Tea Time in England

    Tea is often called the national drink, and for good reason. Most people start their day with "a cuppa," have tea breaks in the afternoon, and a cup... Read more

  • Great English Cheeses

    England's lush pastures yield more than 700 types of cheese, which the English eat at any time except breakfast. Smooth and creamy, nutty and... Read more


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