East Anglia Features


East Anglia Features

  • Top Reasons to Go

    Cambridge: A walk through the colleges is grand, but the best views of the university's colleges and immaculate lawns (and some famous bridges)... Read more

  • East Anglia's Seafood Bounty

    Perhaps unsurprisingly in an island nation, the harvest of the rivers and the sea forms an essential part of the British culinary tradition... Read more

  • Walking Paths in East Anglia

    East Anglia is a walker's dream, especially if a relatively flat trail appeals to you. The regional website www.visiteastofengland.com has further... Read more

  • Punting on the Cam

    To punt is to maneuver a flat-bottom, wooden, gondolalike boat—in this case, through the shallow River Cam along the verdant Backs behind the... Read more

  • Norfolk's Rivers

    Breathtakingly lovely, the Broads are a network of rivers and canals that stretch for about 150 miles across East Anglia, mostly in North Norfolk... Read more