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Top Reasons to Go

Cambridge: A walk through the colleges is grand, but the best views of the university's colleges and immaculate lawns (and some famous bridges) are from a punt on the river.

Constable country: In the area where Constable grew up, you can walk or row downstream from Dedham straight into the setting of one of the English landscape painter's masterpieces at Flatford Mill.

Lincoln's old center: The ancient center of the city has a vast, soaring cathedral, a proper rampart-ringed castle, and winding medieval streets.

Wild North Sea coast: North Norfolk has enormous sandy beaches (great for walking) and opportunities to see seals and birdlife, especially on the salt marshes around Blakeney.

Lavenham: This medieval town is the most comely of the tight-knit cluster of places that did well from the wool trade, with architecture including timber-frame houses gnarled into crookedness by age.

Updated: 10-2013

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