Southern Bohemia: Places to Explore


  • České Budějovice

    České Budějovice is the largest city in Southern Bohemia, but it’s more of a transportation hub and not nearly as charming as the neighboring towns. Still, a couple of interesting spots...

  • Český Krumlov

    It’s rare that a place not only lives up to its hype but exceeds it. Český Krumlov, the official residence of the Rožmberk family for some 300 years, is such a place. It’s the only must-see...

  • Hluboká nad Vltavou

  • Jindřichův Hradec

    The ancient town of Jindřichův Hradec, which dates to the end of the 12th century, is mirrored in the reflective waters of the Vajgar Pond right in the town's center. Originally a market colony...

  • Písek

    Písek is a bit of a surprise. It used to be that people came for one thing: Písek's 700-year-old Gothic bridge peopled with baroque statues. But a recent infusion of European Union funds has...

  • Tábor

    Looking at Tábor now, it's hard to believe that this was once a counterculture utopia and fortress. Lucky for visitors a few centuries later, the town has retained all this turbulent history in...

  • Třeboň

    Třeboň, like Tábor, is off the international tourist trail, but it's a favorite with cyclists. And the town offers an appealing mix of adorable old buildings and authentic work-a-day local life.

    Třeboň itself is a...


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