Prague Features


Prague Features

  • Top Attractions

    The nation’s most-visited site draws more than 1.6 million people per year, and Czech history has been irrevocably intertwined with it from the... Read more

  • Prague Itineraries

    Even jet lag can't dampen the allure of Pražský Hrad, so it is a perfect place to hit on your first day in the city. The castle’s ancient 17-acre... Read more

  • Today's Prague…

    … is constantly beautifying itself. Deep down Prague must have some kind of inferiority complex. What else could explain the perpetual need to... Read more

  • Prague Like a Local

    With Prague so full of foreign visitors, it can be a little hard to uncover what life for residents is like. So put the sightseeing on hold for... Read more

  • Top Experiences

    Mozart is a civic obsession, so you can’t leave Prague without hearing his music. The obvious choice is to attend an opera at the opulent Estates... Read more

  • A Walk through Old Town's Greatest Hits

    Start on the perimeter of Old Town by turning up onto Na příkopě. A short detour down the first street on your left, Havířská ulice, takes you... Read more

  • 5 Czech films to check out

    Journey to the Beginning of Time (Cesta do pravěku) (1955; directed by Karel Zeman). Zeman, a luminary figure in the development of special effects... Read more

  • Mozart in Prague

    Considering that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart visited Prague only four times, it's impressive how indelible his mark on the city is. On his first... Read more

  • Prague Food on the Go

    There are plenty of bakeries and sandwich shops that offer nibbles to take away when goulash fatigue sets in. Among the best is Bakeshop Praha... Read more

  • Lodging Alternatives

    Apartment rentals are a fantastic and affordable option for those traveling in groups and planning to stay several days. After you’ve been traveling... Read more

  • Late-Night Bites

    Prague is getting better at catering to midnight munchies. During the last few years several places have opened up with late hours, and some... Read more

  • Prague's Plaques

    The famous, the forgotten, and the victims.... Read more

  • Václav Havel

    One of the great men to emerge from the anti-communist revolutions was the late Czech playwright and dissident Václav Havel, who died in 2011... Read more