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Compared with Prague, change has been slow to arrive in Moravia since 1990, especially beyond the major towns. The good news: food and hotels are priced lower. Service has improved but still lags behind Prague. Older hotel staff might not be proficient in English, but the younger generation has a functional level. And you might find menus in Czech and German, rather than English, especially in the south near the border. On the plus side, hotel and restaurant workers tend to be friendlier in Moravia and a bit more attentive than they are in Prague.

Cuisine in Moravia leans toward heavy and old-fashioned. Choices are sometimes limited to pork, chicken, and duck dishes, usually with lots of gravy. Slowly, a few places with healthier food and modern international cuisine are opening. Pizza places are also widespread. In mountainous areas, inquire locally about the possibility of staying in a chata (cabin). These are abundant, and they often carry a bit more of the Moravian spirit than the faceless modern hotels. Many lack modern amenities, though, so be prepared to rough it a bit.

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