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Backed by the rocky heights of Sveti Ilija (3,153 feet), Orebić straggles along the coast, facing across a narrow sea channel to the island of Korčula. Historically, the town spent several centuries under the Republic of Dubrovnik, supplying many able seamen to the republic's merchant navy. From 1865 to 1887 the town even had its own shipping company: today you can see a string of villas and their gardens overlooking the coastal promenade, built by wealthy local sea captains. Today tourism is the chief source of income. Attractions include a decent sand beach, a delightful hillside monastery, and the proximity of the Pelješac Peninsula's vineyards, which produce highly esteemed red wines. A regular ferry service links Orebić to Korčula, with approximately 10 crossings per day through peak season; journey time is 20 minutes.


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