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Beyond Šibenk Bay lie the scattered islands of the Šibenik archipelago, four of which—Zlarin, Prvić, Kaprije, and Žirje—are accessible by ferry from Šibenik. For a quick taste of island life, the nearest, Zlarin and Prvić, can be visited as day trips, but if you intend to stay overnight, Prvić is the better equipped, with a lovely, small hotel, rooms to rent, and half a dozen rustic eateries. Tiny, car-free Prvić is just 3 km long (2 miles long) and has a year-round population of 540. Its two villages, Prvić Luka and Šepurine, are made up of centuries-old traditional stone cottages and connected by a lovely footpath leading through a stand of pine trees that takes about 15 minutes to walk. Though some of the locals work in Šibenik, others still live by cultivating figs, olives, and vines and by fishing. There are no large beaches, but plenty of small, secluded pebble coves with crystal-clean water, perfect for swimming.


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