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Omiš and the Cetina Valley

An easy day trip from Split, Omiš is a pleasant seaside town with a colorful open-air market and a conglomeration of old stone houses backed by a small hilltop fortress. What makes it special is its location at the mouth of a dramatic gorge, where the Cetina River meets the sea. It is also the venue of the Dalmatian Klapa Festival, which attracts singers from all over Croatia. The Cetina River carves a spectacular gorge with the fertile, green Cetina Valley at the bottom, surrounded by sheer limestone cliffs. As the river tumbles its way down toward the sea over a series of rapids, it has become a popular and challenging site for rafting and rock climbing. An asphalt road follows the course of the river upstream from Omiš, leading to a couple of pleasant waterside restaurants.


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