Europe's Best-Value Vacation Destinations

From the verdant, rolling hills of Ireland to Turkey's colorful marketplaces, these countries represent Europe's best places to stretch your euros. Whether you're looking for a quick getaway at a beachside inn or an extended stay in a vacation rental, head to these European destinations for high style at a fraction of the price. Some of the top-value spots may surprise you.

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    Spain »


    Spain conjures images of flamenco dancers, café-lined plazas, white hillside villages, and soaring cathedrals. Beyond these traditional associations, this modern country offers top-notch art museums, inventive cuisine, and exciting nightlife. From the... Read more

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    Austria »


    A "blast from the past" is how one recent visitor described her journey through Austria. It remains, she explained, a place where children laugh at marionette shows in the parks, couples linger for hours over pastries at gilt-ceiling cafés, and Lipizzan... Read more

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    Ireland »


    If you want to get a sense of Irish culture and indulge in some of its pleasures, start by familiarizing yourself with the rituals of daily life. These are a few highlights—things you can take part in with relative ease.... Read more

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    Greece »


    The sight greets you time and again in Greece—a line of solid, sun-bleached masonry silhouetted against a clear blue sky. A land where temples, theaters, statues, a stray Doric column or two, the fragment of a Corinthian capital: these traces of the ancients... Read more

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    Belgium »


    Belgium has attractions out of proportion to its diminutive size. From medieval cities and abbeys where the monks run their own breweries to forested hills and famous World War I and II battlegrounds for contemplation and remembrance. It's a little country... Read more

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    France »


    It is a fabled land of unmatched food and delicious wine that has inspired many to gasp in satisfied contentment—"We all have two countries—our own and France!" But it is not just a country for those who worship at the altar of gastronomy. The sheer beauty... Read more

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    Turkey »


    Istanbul is the world's only city to span two continents, which makes it something of a metaphor for the nation of which it is the largest city. The constant pull between East and West, between modern and traditional, makes Turkey seems like a whole other... Read more

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    Croatia »


    With 1,778 km (1,111 mi) of coastline and more than a thousand islands (66 of which are inhabited), Croatia is one of Europe's most beautiful seaside destinations. Backed by undulating green hills to the north and dramatic mountains to the south, the... Read more

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    Scotland »


    Scotland has astonishing variety, even within a small area. North Sea to Irish Sea, Highlands to Lowlands, the landscapes of Scotland—lush woodlands, windswept moors, lochs as deep as the imagination—may take your breath away. Edinburgh is a gloriously... Read more

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    Hungary »


    At the crossroads of Central Europe, Hungary has a wealth of cultural and geographic splendors on offer to visitors. Immerse yourself in beautiful, bustling Budapest with its grand old boulevards, age-old baths, and celebrated views. Take in the dramatic... Read more

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