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For ten days in mid-July, Gent plays host to the Gentse Feesten (, billed as Europe’s biggest party. During this time the city center is filled with dozens of food stalls, and outdoor stages showcasing DJs and live music. Many of the bars and restaurants have special menus and opening times for the festival. If loud music and (often tipsy) crowds are not for you, consider visiting Gent at another time. Otherwise, grab a brew and join in the fun.


As in most Belgian towns, nightlife in Gent is about grazing and drinking and talking with friends through the wee hours. The student population generates a much busier, more varied nightlife than you'll find in Brugge or other towns in Flanders. The area around Oude Beestenmarkt and Vlasmarkt, near Portus Ganda, is where lots of young people head to dance and party.

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