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Brussels Nightlife

Although the presence of both French and Flemish drives a wedge or two through the capital's cultural landscape, it also delivers some advantages. Both Flemish- and French-language authorities inject funds into the arts scene; one notable combined effort is the annual KunstenFESTIVALdesArts (, a contemporary arts festival held in May. A glance at the "What's On" section of weekly English-language newsmagazine the Bulletin reveals the breadth of the offerings in all categories of cultural life.

There's a café on virtually every street corner, most serving all kinds of alcoholic drinks. In recent years Belgian brewing industry has been consolidating, as the giant AB InBev company (the brewers of Stella Artois, Budweiser, and Beck's, among others) has muscled smaller companies out of the market. Regardless, Belgians continue to consume copious quantities of beer, some of it with a 10% alcohol content or more. Most bars here have artisanal beers along with the major-brand usual suspects. The place St-Géry, rue St-Boniface, and the Grand'Place area draw the most buzz.

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