Antwerp Experiences


Antwerp Features

  • Dining in Antwerp

    Belgium's kinship to brewing figures high in the country's culture and regional differences give way to local flavors. Antwerp has its own... Read more

  • Top Reasons to Visit Antwerp

    Shop 'Til You Drop: Antwerp is a sophisticated shopper's paradise, with a center that's crammed with trendy stores and designer boutiques showing... Read more

  • Lange Wapper

    There are myriad 16th-century legends surrounding Lange Wapper, the water devil, but all agree he lived near water. That's why a bronze statue of... Read more

  • Architecture of Antwerp

    The architectural character of Antwerp was defined during its two great eras of prosperity, in the 16th and 19th centuries. The relative lack of... Read more

  • Antwerp History

    The Flemish Antwerpen is very close to the word handwerpen, which means "hand throwing," and that, according to legend, is exactly what the Roman... Read more

  • Antwerp's Diamond Industry

    Knowing that 80% of rough diamonds pass through Antwerp and 50% are sold in the city, it's hard to imagine that India dominated the diamond trade... Read more

  • Shopping in Antwerp

    Antwerp is now an established part of the international fashion scene. Yet its homegrown (or at least home-trained) designers have persistently... Read more


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