Vienna Woods, Lake Neusiedler, and the Danube River: Places to Explore


  • Baden

    The Weinstrasse brings you to the serenely elegant spa town of Baden. Since antiquity, Baden's sulfuric thermal baths have attracted the ailing and the fashionable from all over the world. When the Romans... Read more

  • Carnuntum

  • Dürnstein

    If a beauty contest were held among the towns along the Wachau Danube, chances are Dürnstein would be the winner—as you'll see when you arrive along with droves of tourists. The town is small; leave the... Read more

  • Eisenstadt

    Burgenland's provincial capital, Eisenstadt, is a really small town. Nevertheless, it has an illustrious history and enough sights to keep you busy for a half, if not quite a full, day. Although the town... Read more

  • Heiligenkreuz

  • Klosterneuburg

    This moderate-sized town, with forest mixed in between the houses, seems much farther from the big city than just a few miles. In antiquity the area was a Roman fort, and its modern habitation began in... Read more

  • Korneuburg

    Aside from Burg Kreuzenstein, a castle which is slightly outside the town, Korneuburg has a few attractions such as sections of a town wall, a Trinity column and a Pied Piper well to justify a brief stopover... Read more

  • Krems

    Krems marks the beginning (when traveling upstream) of the Wachau section of the Danube. The town is closely tied to Austrian history; here the ruling Babenbergs set up a dukedom in 1120, and the earliest... Read more

  • Linz

    The capital of Upper Austria—set where the Traun River flows into the Danube—has a fascinating Old City core and an active cultural life. In 1832 its horse-drawn train to Czechoslovakia functioned as the... Read more

  • Marchegg

    This tiny corner of the lower Weinviertel is known as the Marchfeld, for the fields stretching east to the March River that form the border with Slovakia. In this region—known as the granary of Austria—two... Read more

  • Mayerling

    Scenic Route 210 takes you through the quiet Helenental valley west of Baden to Mayerling—the scene of a tragedy that is still passionately discussed and disputed by the Austrian public, the press, and... Read more

  • Melk

    One of the most impressive sights in all Austria, the abbey of Melk is best approached in mid- to late afternoon, when the setting sun ignites the abbey's ornate baroque yellow facade. As you head eastward... Read more

  • Neusiedl am See

    Neusiedl am See, at the north end of the lake for which it is named, is a pleasant resort town with good facilities. Direct hourly commuter trains from Vienna have made it very popular, so you won't be... Read more

  • Rust

    Picturesque Rust is easily the most popular village on the lake for the colorful pastel facades of its houses and for lake sports. Tourists flock here in summer to see the sight of storks nesting atop... Read more

  • Steyr

  • St. Florian