St. Croix Experiences


St. Croix Features

  • Top Reasons to Go to St. Croix

    Sailing to Buck Island: The beach at the western end of the island is a great spot to relax after a snorkeling adventure or a hike up the hill to... Read more

  • Turtles on St. Croix

    Like creatures from the prehistoric past, green, leatherback, and hawksbill turtles crawl ashore during the annual April-to-November turtle nesting... Read more

  • Marching on Frederiksted

    On July 3, 1848, more than 8,000 slaves demanding their freedom marched half a mile from LaGrange to Frederiksted. Their actions forever changed the... Read more

  • Camping in St. Croix

    Out on the west end, where few tourists stay, Mount Victory Camp (Creque Dam Rd., Frederiksted 340/772–1651 offers a remarkable quietude that distinguishes this... Read more


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