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Salt Cay

In the 19th century the salinas (natural salt pans) of Salt Cay produced much of the world's supply of salt. More than 1,000 people lived on the island then, most employed in the salt industry, at a time when salt was as valuable as gold. When the salt trade dried up, nearly everyone moved on to other islands. Today there are only about 100 inhabitants on Salt Cay. Chances are you will meet most of them by the end of your stay, whether you're here for one day or several.

As you approach Salt Cay, either by boat or by plane, you may wonder what you've gotten yourself into. The land appears dry and brown, very flat, and too small to occupy you for even a day. Don't worry. Salt Cay has a way of getting into your blood, leaving an everlasting impression. By the end of your first day, you may very well be planning your return trip.

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