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Middle Caicos

At 48 square miles (124 square km) and with fewer than 300 residents, this is the largest yet least developed of the inhabited Caicos islands. The landscape is unique in that a limestone ridge runs to about 125 feet above sea level, creating dramatic cliffs on the northwest shoreline; a quick glance down the waterfront from Mudjin Harbour is reminiscent of the south coast of England. There is also the largest cave system in the Lucayan Archipelago on Middle Caicos. Rambling trails along the coast are an easy hike; the Crossing Place Trail, maintained by the TCI National Trust, follows the path used by early settlers to connect the islands. Inland are quiet settlements with friendly residents.

North Caicos and Middle Caicos are linked by a causeway, which is slated for a much-needed upgrade, so it's possible to take a ferry from Provo to North Caicos, rent a car, and explore both North Caicos and Middle Caicos in a single day if you get an early start.

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