Turks and Caicos Islands: Places to Explore


Pine Cay

Pine Cay's 2Ā½-mile-long (4-km-long) beach is among the most beautiful in the archipelago. The 800-acre private island, which is in the string of small cays between Provo and North Caicos, is home to a secluded resort and almost 40 private residences. The beach alone is reason to stay here: the sand seems a little whiter, the water a little brighter than beaches on the other cays.

Nonguests of the Meridian Club can make reservations for lunch, and boat transfer can be arranged for an extra cost; verify the total cost since it can vary. To bring costs down, make arrangements for one of the scheduled chartersĀ (usually when employees transfer to work) and spend the day enjoying the stunning beach. Ask what's on the menu first since it changes daily; Sunday usually features Cheeseburgers in Paradise.

Pine Cay at a Glance